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Fairy Topper Unit

Fairy Topper Unit


The Topper is every woman’s dream if she’s on the go and needs a quick solution for changing up her style! She’s fun, and flirty, and adds so much flair to your look. She’s short enough to be undetectable, and a great alternative to having longer curls if you’d like to still keep a shortcut look underneath. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our Toppers are a human synthetic blend and it is pre-colored and it cannot be altered in color by way of chemical.

Ease of Use – Very Easy (She’s easily styled in 10 minutes or less)

Weather –  All Weather Friendly

What is the difference between the crochet and sewn in the Fairy Topper pieces?

Longevity is the ultimate difference. Crochet usually has a shorter life span than sewn. The pieces are identical in aesthetic but sewn is more sturdy in it’s construction while crochet is more lightweight.

Need help measuring for your unit? Click here. Note, your circumference size will give you the size needed for our listed sizes for small, medium, large or XL.